About The Blade Renewed

The Blade Renewed is an Arkenstone raiding kinship whose purpose is to foster an atmosphere of respect and helpfulness without compromising excellence and effectiveness in end-game content. Often you have to choose either a friendly, helpful community where you have the chance to learn the game OR be in a kin where you can successfully progress through end game content. This kinship is our attempt to make sure the opportunity for both is provided for us and other like-minded people. We are family people and understand that you can't be around every day or even every week. We understand that at the end of the day this is a game and shouldn't be at the top of your priorities. We understand that it's easy to go through this game without being helped or mentored and being left as a 130 with a lot of questions and few opportunities.  We just refuse to believe those things preclude you from being good at your class or successful at raiding. We're looking for people with the right attitudes and a drive to get better. We'll help with the rest.

We are accepting level 130 characters and their alts who share our focus of wanting have a healthy team atmosphere while putting in the work to be ready for the upcoming Minas Morgul raid content. 

Our current schedule once new raid content is out is planned as follows:
Friday at 10 pm Server- 6-man content/Scourges/Rako
Saturday at 10 pm server- Remmorchant T1
Sunday- casual/dailies/progression

Here's what we're asking of you.

Kinship members- Have a lvl 130 main character. You do not have to be raid-ready either in gear or ability to join, but we ask that you have a desire to learn and get better and put in the work to upgrade your toon and learn your class. This includes Minis Tirith daily tasks to fully upgrade your Legendary Items, completing the meta deed to access Minas Morgul dailies, and then running those dailies at whatever level you can to work on gear. Download the Combat Analysis plugin so that your DPS can be monitored. We want to help you with these! We love giving advice and spending time helping people run things and learn how to be a more effective member of a Fellowship. You have to be the one with the motivation to work toward the goal though. 

Thank you for considering The Blade Renewed. If you want to join, please apply here. If you have questions, let us know here of find us in game. 

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